about me

I am a professional session musician, composer and teacher with over 15 years of experience in music industry and education. My drum teachers were Karol Daniš, Ján Lau (Ghymes, Peter Nagy), Marián Zajaček (Symfonický orchester Slovenského rozhlasu) and János Sramkó (Elsa Valle Latin Jazz Syndicate, János Sramkó Group).

Courses and workshops held by professional, world famous drummers and percussionists like: Martin Rühl, Jojo Mayer, Thomas Lang, Katarzina Micka, János Solti, Gábor Német, Steve Smith, Akira Jimbo, Adam Nussbaum, Peter Erskine and Mark Guiliana gave me a lot of knowledge and inspiration. 

Beside improving and mastering my drumming skills I have also studied jazz piano theory, arrangement and composition from legendary musicians like Jenő Esze, Gábor Cseke, Kornél Fekete-Kovács, Janó Tóth and Balázs Neumann, moreover I had the chance to play with many great bands and musicians like: István Fekete, Zsolt Csókás, Jenő Fekete, Ghymes, Eszter Takáts, Jenő Esze, GUP, Jóvilágvan, Face 'N' Base, Jambalaya, MS Amera Show Band, Tamás Kontor, Misi Horváth, Ágnes Szász, Juli Fábián and many others.

As an educator I teach not only in State Music Schools but I also hold workshops and give private lessons where students get to know my own conceptions and my unique way of thinking. I try to keep up with today’s music, trends, new styles, performers, and pass on the useful knowledge I have aquired over the years to my students.

beginner level 

Introduction to the world of drumming, drum kit and technical terms.

I teach basic techniques, correct body and hand posture and grips. Rudiments, play-alongs and sight reading. Beginner pop, rock, blues, latin and jazz styles with fills. Divisive and additive systems and rhythm formulas.

intermediate level 

I teach modern styles (gospel, drum 'n' bass, fusion, hip-hop, linear, wonky, soloing), from the best books, advanced pop, rock, blues, latin and jazz play-alongs with adequate fills, linear time playing, rhythm development (polymetric and polyrhythmic), music theory, sight reading, improvisation and transcriptions. Moreover I can help you to develop your unique sound as a drummer, which is a very important aspect of your musicianship. Preparation for music schools and auditions is also included.

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