During my career I composed many instrumental pieces mainly in jazz and fusion category and some of them were award winning compositions. My band, the Tsunami Fusion Band got the best jazz band qualification at the ‘Talentometer’ competition held on A38 ship, Hungary, where we had the chance to perform with the very talented jazz singer Juli Fábián. With my fusion style song called Crew Alert I won the third place at the prestigious Jazz Combo competition of the Hungarian Jazz Society in Budapest in 2015 and my odd time composition Just Friend got into the finals.

In 2017 I became the "Musician of the Year" in Slovakia, when I won the Harmony Awards in jazz category. In 2020 I made a Bachelor exam video, where I played some of my own jazz compositions. Selected pieces offered the opportunity to show myself not only as a drum player but as a composer too.

“Don't play what's there; play what's not there.”
― Miles Davis

jazz/fusion compositions