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Sound Mixer

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I am a professional session musician, teacher and composer with award winning compositions in jazz/fusion genres with over 15 years of experience in music industry. My main instrument is the drum set but I also play percussion, guitar and piano.  

I have studied in Bratislava (SK), Budapest (HU) and Banská Štiavnica (SK) from the best teachers and renown musicians. My master on drums was the legendary János Sramkó. I've learned jazz theory from the great piano player Jenő Esze, arranging, instrumentation and composition from famous jazz trumpet player Kornél Fekete-Kovács. My jazz piano teachers were Zsuzsanna Warnusz and Gábor Cseke. Completing an Electronic Music Media course at Liszt Academy in Budapest, I had the chance to get an insight into sound design and got to know new softwares for making music. 

Beside composing my own instrumental pieces I co-produce, arrange, mix and edit as well and I also deal with video cutting.

  • I use Logic Pro X for recording, mixing and mastering.

  • I make professional transcriptions and scores with Sibelius software.

  • For editing videos I use Final Cut Pro X. 

  • HQ mixed and mastered music in AIFF / WAVE / MP3 formats.

  • I can also include separate tracks if you want.

  • You can order also a professional sheet music for your track.

  • I cane make MIDI drum tracks for your project.

  • You will have all copyright & royalty rights.

“I’m always thinking about creating. My future starts when I wake up in the morning and see the light.”
― Miles Davis